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Industries may relocate from Gurgaon
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8/29/2008 1:12:42 AM
Gurgaon might lose its grip over the booming I.T. Industry As it is understood from sources that many of the major BPOs are very seriously thinking of an alternative of relocating from Gurgaon to smaller cities mainly due to following reasons:

Soaring rate of office space rentals, Traffic jams resulting delay in the working of call centre staff, Heavy Transportation cost of staff, Expensive living cost for the staff, higher operating cost.

Moreover the cost and talent pressures will drive vendors to smaller cities at a faster rate. Especially so or new centers of large companies already present in India. With improving attention to education across India and State governments’ recognizing the potential of the outsourcing sector, companies are finding themselves almost attracted towards fresh location choices. Connectivity to larger cities and good education infrastructure seem to be guiding the discovery of other destinations like Udaipur,Jaipur,Mohal Bhopal,Vishakhapatna m,Nagpur,Chandigarh, Ahmedabad,Nashik,etc emerging hot spots are also offering:

Competi talent at lower wages than the preferred locations, Infrastructure and realty advantages, Lower attrition, Lower operating costs.

Since all the major activities in Gurgaon are focused on I.T. Industry therefore it gives an alarming siren that with the changing trend of relocation might create adverse effect on booming economy well as the realty in Gurgaon.

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