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Power cut situation worsens in Gurgaon
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8/29/2008 1:08:50 AM
Gurgaon known as “Cyber City” also is battling a power crisis that has seen power cuts over 12 hours , there is no immediate relief in sight.

Most of the people who moved to Gurgaon for a better quality of life, they , now feel cheated & cursing the day they moved to Gurgaon.

The life becomes miserable, when the whole town plunges into darkness in peak of summer, as one has to surrender to the invertors and then to generators, an expensive proposition besides being unfriendly to the environment.

Stud in the city are invariably the biggest sufferers. Long hours of power cut and exhausted inverters have made their lives harder.

A common man is in total confused state of mind as the electricity “Complaint telephones “are usually un-attended or give a busy tone. Personal complaints lead to no results, With repeated assurances of officials, consumers have learnt the hard way not to trust officials.

Tired of long & frequent power cuts and false promises of improvement, created almost a situation of riots in the city as News headlines of Hindustan Times dated May 7th 2008 read as “Power riots erupt in city, Gurgaon” it further added “People stone power offices”

Is that the “Millennium City” we dreamt of ?

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