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Realty Funds to Lure Small Investors into Commercial
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10/6/2008 6:06:51 AM
In commercial and retail sectors, one needs higher investments compared to residential or office real estate. For a standard size retail outlet an investment of around one crore rupees is required, depends on multiple factors, though. One can also buy retail properties in a shopping mall for half of that price with help of realty funds or investment kisoks or to put it straight - from the SMART brokers.

Many outlets are offered for discount sale by them in such malls in the form of food stalls, ATMs, florists, travel and money transfer outlets, as per some realtors. They claim that higher entry level investment is not an issue as rental returns and capital appreciation are quite high. Depending on the broker credentials, Investment is somewhat secured and an exit route can be discovered easily.

Some feel that in the commercial retail real estate smaller investors are obliged to go in for quoted price and as such they have less bargaining power. If done well, Investors helplines can prove beneficial for small retail investor through bulk bargains on retail property from builders. They will ask for low investments and you can possibly reap the benefits of high ROI. Needless to say, as a small investor you should always take precautions and do your home work before joining any such clubs.

Posted By :  Sanjay

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